Service rules

Mikhail Aristov NIE: Y1364137K (hereinafter — offers services under the conditions set out in these rules. By ordering and paying for a service the customer is considered to have accepted the rules of rendering services in full, without any conditions and exceptions.

General information regarding the services provided

Service description

Removing malware from a website entails:

  1. Scanning, file diagnostics and a database check.
  2. Removing the malware itself.
  3. Setting up protection against hacking and a potential reinfection of the site.

The service does not include the configuration of CAPTCHA or distribution registers, website administration, or any other actions, which are not described above.

All of the tasks included in the service are completed during two business days from the moment we receive access to your website. If the job requires additional time, you will be notified. All of the work, including consultations regarding arising questions, is carried out from 10AM to 6PM by GMT+2.

After successfully removing the malware we write a detailed report, which includes:

  • a list of fixed websites;
  • a list of changes implemented into the site’s settings;
  • information regarding how to operate the site in the future.

We will also create an archive of the website and its database, and upload it to the root directory of your account (it is necessary for the account to have enough available disc storage).

The service is provided with a 1 month guarantee. If the site is hacked or reinfected during this time period, then, given that you have followed our recommendations, we will diagnose and fix the issue free of charge, as part of our guarantee support. It is necessary for you to get fully acquainted with the terms of guarantee provision.


Prices are valid from 01.01.2021. Services are provided without VAT (based on the simplified taxation system).

The price of services for one website depends on your chosen rate.

  • Basic — 100€
  • Standard — 125€
  • Premium — 175€

The price for fixing a second website (third, fourth etc.) comes with a 30% discount per site. If the website is implemented as a “multisite” (meaning that several domains share one CMS catalogue and one database, yet each domain has its own template), then the price of service is equal to your chosen rate plus 70% for every additional domain.

The price of restoring a website from a backup copy (if it is technically possible) — $88 per CMS.

Preparing the website for malware removal

  1. It is necessary to fix all of the sites on the hosting’s account, otherwise you risk a reinfection.
    If you decide to fix only one of the sites assigned to your hosting’s account, then you must either delete or transport the rest of them to another account. Take into account that it will be impossible to transport them back without a security audit, as in that case the guarantee will be annulled.
  2. Prepare your website’s accesses:
    • access via SSH (hosting, login, password);
    • access to the site’s administrative panel (URL, login, password).
  3. Prepare a list of domains (and subdomains, if there are any), which need assistance.
  4. Prepare a list of problems caused by the website’s infection.
  5. Turn off all restrictions in the “Access Settings” section of the control panel, otherwise it takes more time to fix the issue.

Ordering our services

To order our malware removal services you have to do the following:

  1. Carefully read our terms of service and terms of guarantee provision.
  2. Provide us with URLs for all of the sites we will be working with, as well as a full list of domains and subdomains.
  3. Write a detailed description of the problems that have appeared since your website has been infected by malicious code.

When ordering our services have in mind the following:

  • Ordering our services via the online chat, email, whatsapp or telegram is legally binding.
  • For us to provide our services it is necessary for you to share your website’s accesses with our specialists.
  • A definitive deadline for our services depends on the current workload of our specialists.
  • By ordering our services from an operator you automatically agree to our terms of service.

Terms of service

Before ordering our services

  1. By the time we begin executing our services, the client and their contractors should have completed all of the planned work regarding their website and made sure that it works. At the moment of ordering our services the site should be able to open in the browser (both the user interface, as well as the administrative panel) without any obstacles. If there are any obstacles their existence must be brought to our attention and the possibility of their elimination discussed before we begin working.
  2. The client must make sure that there is an existing, working backup copy of their website. If there isn’t one, then the client must make one themself. A backup copy is necessary for restoring the website’s work efficiency, in the case that it has been damaged by the malware. In the case of absence of a working backup copy we do not restore damaged websites. In particular cases, if it is technically possible, we can restore damaged websites for an additional fee. The price of a restoration like this is $88 per CMS. The possibility of carrying out this task must be discussed with the client prior to the start of our work.
  3. If there are several websites on the client’s account, the client undertakes to only leave those that the services have been ordered for. The rest of the sites that will not be receiving treatment must be eliminated or transported to another account by the client themself.
  4. The client must provide enough disc storage for uploading the fixed website’s archive and database to the root folder.

General terms of service

  1. The service is provided only to websites written in php, javascript, html.
  2. The client undertakes to provide:
    • access to the hosting’s control panel;
    • access to the hosting via the SSH protocol (host, port, login, password);
    • access to the administrative panel of websites which are in work (URL, login, password);
    • information regarding all of the aliases and subdomains of the main domain, if they exist;
    • information regarding existing or future unique settings of the server, hosting, website, modifications in the scripts or templates, which only the client is aware of, no later than 24 hours in advance of planned work;
    • information regarding synchronization with other resources, such as “1C:Accounting”, “1C:Trade and warehouse”, CRM etc.
  3. Specialists have the right to stop the site’s work for no more than 60 minutes in total during the whole duration of their work.
  4. The client is prohibited from adding new websites to his account during the guarantee period without consulting us first. When adding a new site the client must order a security audit.
  5. We do not search for or eliminate spam-URLs or spam-content from the site’s database, unless the client has provided specific examples of them when ordering the service.
  6. After ordering the service, the client cannot change the content or addresses of the websites in work.
  7. The deadline for completing scanning, diagnosing, fixing and protecting from web-attacks of 1 (one) site – 2 (two) business days. Business days are monday to friday, with the exception of holidays included in the productive calendar for the year when the services were ordered.
  8. If the website is under an active targeted attack or if it’s necessary to collect additional information for the provision of the service, we reserve the right to increase the period of work while maintaining the cost paid by the client and notifying the client about the change in the term for the provision of services and the list of necessary works.
  9. The client is obliged to inform of any changes in the hosting or websites (including those performed by contractors or employees of the client): disconnection of the site, suspension of service, blockage of the mail service, changes in access, changes in files and the database, etc. no later than 30 (thirty) minutes from the moment the problem was discovered or information about this changes was received.
  10. The client has the right to request a refund of the paid funds in the amount of a 100% payment in the following cases:
  11. a. In the case of cancellation of the service before the start of its provision.
    b. After the third notification to about the fact of repeated hacking and infection during the guarantee period.
    c. After the third notification to about the fact of malicious code being stored on the site during the guarantee period.
    If the reason for the appearance of malicious code on the site during the guarantee period was the actions of the client or his contractors (including but not limited to restoring a vulnerable or infected backup copy of the site, disabling protection, compromising access to the site and hosting, placing new sites on the account), then a refund of the cost of services will not be made.

  12. The client is fully responsible for compliance with all legal requirements, including legislation on advertising, intellectual property, competition, but not limited to the above, in relation to the content of their sites.

After the completion of service

After the completion of service the client must:

  1. Ensure the security of their workplace, network connection, and manage access to their hosting and website themself.
  2. Change their passwords after the work has been completed.
  3. Provide and be responsible for the secure storage and transfer of all accounts (from the hosting and the website) to its contractors and customers.
  4. Download and save locally the archive with the disinfected site and its database, as well as ensure the safe storage of the archive. If the client loses the archive, re-sending the archive is possible for a fee and only if has the necessary data.
  5. To guarantee, throughout the entire period of the service and the guarantee period, the presence on the hosting account of only those sites for which the service of treatment and protection from web attacks was provided; do not add new sites onto your account without consulting with throughout the entire period of guarantee support.
  6. Provide independent secure storage, transfer to third parties and independent use of access to hosting via FTP, SSH, hosting control panel and site administrator panel, including when the site is serviced by a contractor (third-party organization or individual). Control the safety of the listed accesses and prevent them from being disclosed to a third party, change them on a regular basis (at least once a month).

Terms of guarantee provision

  1. Guaranteed support for the service is 30 (thirty) days from the date of sending the report on the work done.
  2. During the guarantee period, undertakes to analyze security problems and, in the case of discovering problems which employees are responsible for, re-perform the work free of charge and extend the guarantee support period by 30 days.
  3. If there were errors or malfunctions on the client’s sites before we began to work on them, the cause of which is not directly related to malicious activity and the execution of the site’s treatment, does not guarantee that such errors and failures will be corrected at the end of the work.
  4. In order to remove sanctions from a site’s domain (withdrawal from the “black list” of Yandex / Google search engines and anti-virus services), it is necessary that the site on the main domain and all sites on its subdomains be cleared of malicious scripts. Otherwise, the employees of do not guarantee the output of one specific domain or one of the subdomains from the Yandex / Google search engines and anti-virus services list of malicious websites, since such conditions are imposed by the search engines and anti-virus services themselves.

Guarantee support is annulled in the following cases:

  1. Accidental or deliberate disabling of the site protection (including by a third party).
  2. Placing new sites on the same hosting account without consulting with first.
  3. Moving a site to another hosting without preserving protection and consulting with, changing the CMS or changing the domain name of one of the sites on the account. In this case, the restoration of protection by employees is performed on a paid basis and is paid as a new order.
  4. In case of late contact (later than 48 hours from the moment the incident was discovered) or attempts to independently solve security problems, the case is classified as non-guaranteed, which entails the removal of all sites from guarantee support.