Web security audit

We analyse your website to identify and correct vulnerabilities that are putting it at risk. We will also provide you with a detailed report on the security of your website.
Price of the audit
Execution time 48 hours
With this audit, you will be able to detect and correct threats such as:
  • Unintentional changes to the website
  • Access theft to the owners of the company
  • Access theft to payment systems
  • Hackers' access to private information
  • Loss of personal data


  • Checking the website for viruses
  • Cleaning of malicious scripts
  • Detection of scripts that are not specific to the website
  • Detection of signatures in fragmented text blocks and hex, oct, dec sequences
  • Removal of vulnerable scripts
  • Detection and removal of files with typical malicious script constructs
  • Removal of redirects to malicious pages
  • Cleaning of PHP coded files
  • Checking iframe inserts
  • Detection of hidden files
  • Detection of files with double extensions and php files that load as images
  • Checking for the presence of directories and input files
  • Checking of executable binaries
  • Detection of invisible and empty links
  • Compile a list of security-critical configurations
  • As a result of the audit, you will receive a comprehensive report with a list of vulnerabilities and recommendations to fix and further secure the resource