Frequently asked questions

The service is provided only for sites written in php, javascript, html. I don’t know what my site is written in. What do I do?
Before performing the work, we will make a free diagnostics of the site. If it turns out that the site is written, for example, in asp and java, we will inform you about it and refund your payment.
Can you test the plugin for vulnerabilities?
We do not perform individual checks of individual modules, plugins and scripts. The installed protection works in a comprehensive manner, it is guaranteed to cover entire classes of vulnerabilities, making their exploitation impossible.
Why weren’t all of the spam links removed after receiving the “Malware Removal” service?
Finding and eliminating spam links in a database is a separate and time consuming job that is 100% manual. Spam content cannot be detected automatically; only the site owner knows about its presence. To remove spam links, the site owner must provide all the necessary data (links, sample texts), after which the employees analyze and delete the spam links they can find.
I lost the archive with the disinfected website, what should I do?
According to the terms of service, the re-sending of the archive is possible for an additional fee, and only if the archive has been preserved by our specialists.
I ordered a site treatment and I was hacked, what should I do?
You should contact support as soon as possible. If the hacking was our fault, then the treatment and protection setup are free, they will be performed within the framework of guarantee support. Moreover, the guarantee will be extended for another 30 days.